Avian Influenza vaccines practical review

Avian influenza vaccines a practical review and summary of the advantages, drawbacks and limitations of the various types of AIAvian Influenza vaccines is presented in the table below.

Advantages, drawbacks and limitations of the commercially available AI vaccines

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Avian Influenza vaccines

As can be seen, as of today, the most attractive vaccine solution is the rHVT-HA5:

-          Compared to killed vaccines, it can be used in the hatchery on the first day of age, even in the presence of specific MDAMaternally Derived Antibodies: antibodies produced by the breeders and transmitted to their progeny through the egg yolk. and shows a long duration of immunity. Its efficacy seems to be not affected by the antigenic variations of the field virus, which is the major weakness of the killed vaccines. rHVT-HA5 has a proven record of efficacy against significant variations of HPAIVs of the H5 serotype, and does not require booster vaccinations

-          Compared to other vectors, it circumvents MDA (when the rFP-HAHemagglutinin is neutralized by MDA against AIVAvian Influenza Virus and the rNDV-HA by MDA against the vector NDVNewcastle Disease Virus).

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