Ceva Avian Influenza Summit - Mexico 2016

Since 2012 Ceva has worked with the government to vaccinate against AIAvian Influenza  with VECTORMUNE® AI and CEVAC® New Flukem against the H5N2 virus and CEVAC® Flu H7 k against H7N3. Close to one billion doses of vaccine have been used so far.

The Avian Influenza Summit, is specialized meeting where researchers and scientist will present the most recent advances on the prevention and control of avian influenza and the potential impact on the poultry industry. The participants at this event are poultry veterinarians and production managers responsible for the sanitary status in poultry operations mainly from Mexico.

This 2nd Summit will focus on the importance of reducing shedding and horizontal transmission to better control Avian Influenza and the possible effects of vaccines and vaccination in relation to this.

Agenta 1st day
AGENDA 2nd day