Ceva Symposium - WVPA Capetown 2015

Avian Influenza Symposium at the World Veterinary Poultry Congress WVPC,Cape Town South Africa 2015. See the highlights movie and all the sessions in video here below.

Avian Influenza in the United States : situation and control - Dr.   Mark L Davidson

DVM. Associate Deputy Administrator,National Import Export Services. Veterinary Services, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services, U.S. Department of Agriculture -United States of America

Situation and evolution of Avian Influenza viruses  in China -Professor Liu Xiufan

DVM, professor and director. Animal Infectious Disease Laboratory School of Veterinary Medicine, Yangzhou University. China

Avian Influenza in Europe. Highly pathogenic H5N8 outbreaks in the Netherlands in 2014 - Dr. Andre Steentjes

Poultry veterinarian. Veterinary Centre Someren. Member of the Poultry Veterinary Study Group of the European Union (PVSGEU). The Netherlands

What has changed on Avian Influenza control and what could be the future- Dr.Yannick Gardin

Director Science and Innovation.Ceva Animal Health.France